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Darrin, originally from Cavalier, ND, has lived in the Lake Region for the past 20 years. He has over 10 years of therapy experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and almost 9 years of ministry/pastoral experience. Having worked in multiple facilities including substance abuse treatment, he utilizes a holistic experience enabling him to practice therapeutic interventions including Solution-Focused, CBT, DBT and EMDR.

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“My passion for helping people comes from my core belief that we are all broken people. Some of us wear better masks than others, but we all know hurt, pain and suffering. It is through this brokenness where God reminds us of his great love for us and allows us to minister to each other. My faith journey reminds me of God’s great love and motivates me to help those who are struggling, regardless of their circumstances. Hebrews 6:19 reminds us that hope in God serves as an anchor for our soul, firm and secure, through all life circumstances.”

Darrin Cox


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Susan Cassatt, PhD

Danielle Skaar is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) who provides assessment, diagnosis, and medication management for common mental health disorders. She has been in practice since 2005 with eleven years of primary care experience before she began focusing solely on mental health in 2016. Danielle understands the complex interaction of our physical, emotional and spiritual health and that life experiences, lifestyle and genetics all have an impact on our overall mental wellbeing.

“My journey to LifeWise has been paved with personal and professional experiences that have allowed me to have sincere empathy for individuals and families that are struggling with mental illness and behavioral challenges. I understand that although each journey is unique, there is a common bond in our brokenness. It is my hope that people would see Jesus, the unconditional love He has for them and the path to true healing and joy through their interactions at LifeWise.”


Danielle Skaar


Dr. Bradley is a licensed psychologist. She specializes in assessment of psychological disorders in children, youth and adults. Pat was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She spent 20 years living and working in Central Pennsylvania. Pat came to North Dakota 10 years ago to complete her doctoral program. When she arrived, she fell in love with it and decided to remain here. Pat has three children and four grandchildren. She enjoys birding, reading, traveling and spending time with family.


Dr. Pat Bradley

Psy. D.

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Marci Kligmann


LifeWise Associates is excited to announce that Marci Kligmann has joined our practice as of September 2019!  Marci is an accomplished therapist and will be seeing patients for individual and group therapy.  Marci will be working with children, adolescents and adults using multiple therapy modalities including play therapy, CBT, EMDR and DBT.  

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Ivy Fieldsend


My background is a “coat of many colors”. I believe an array of experiences makes for a “well rounded” person. Being raised on a Minnesota Dairy Farm I am not afraid of doing whatever needs to get done. From the hay fields to the dental field; from owning & operating a restaurant/bar to the medical field. I enjoy gardening and flowers, weaving rugs and baking, and most important of all….raising chickens!  I look forward to greeting & meeting you at LifeWise.

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Mike Shock


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Erin Hagemeister


Erin has been a nurse practitioner for over 15 years. Dually certified as both a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), She provides assessment, diagnosis, medication management and brief supportive therapy for individuals experiencing mental health concerns including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and dementia. Erin understands that improving mental well-being requires a comprehensive approach that includes not just medications, but nutrition, physical activity, social connections, and spirituality.

"My prayer is for God to use me to help guide and walk through life with the individuals, families and groups that come into my office. I enjoy meeting with people from every walk of life and hearing their individual story. I am delighted to be invited into the journey and see the process of change and healing in each life. God has given each of us our own skills and strengths. My goal is to help clients identify those strengths and use them as a catalyst for change."

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Allison Hofstad


Allison Hofstad, a native of the Lake Region has over 16 years of experience working with substance abuse issues as a licensed addiction counselor and occupational therapist.  She excels in working with the dual diagnosis nature of substance abuse and mental health.   She provides services to clients in addiction dynamics, relapse prevention skills, life skills development, social skills and coping skills.  She is an approved provider of DUI Seminars in North Dakota.  

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